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Guide to Necklace Layering

October 7, 2023108 ViewsShesFeel

Welcome to ShesFeel’s guide to necklace layering, where we break down the main tips we live by.

Ever wondered how many layered necklaces are too many, or stuck looking for layering ideas? Panic not, it’s time to become a layering pro. Discover chunky gold necklaces, beaded and pearl styles, plus even more.

The Golden Rules of Layering

Switch Up Your Lengths

The first step to nailing your layering foundations? Start by looking at necklace lengths to find your missing link. From chokers to pendant necklaces, our iconic pieces will become your ultimate dream team when styled together.

Layering Looks We Love

It wouldn’t be a necklace layering guide without all the inspiration. Thank us later. 

Style Your Necklaces Like A Minimalist

How do you wear layered necklaces without it looking *too* layered? Celebrate simplicity by wearing two or three delicate chains together. 

Make It A Neckmess

The ‘beachy hair’ equivalent, pile multiple necklaces on with confidence with different textures, lengths, shapes and colours. Bless this glorious mess.

Personalise It

Make your layers meaningful with engravable pendants or coin necklaces, your favourite lockets (with a special photo inside of course), or Initials charms that let you casually name drop.

Make It A Set

We’ve done the hard styling work for you with our pre-made layering sets. Plus, you’ll save money when you buy them together. It’s a win-win.

Necklaces FAQs
  • 1What Order do You Layer Necklaces in?

    Start with the basics and work your way up for a balanced and eye-catching ensemble. Begin with a delicate, shorter necklace that rests just above your collarbone – this is your foundation. Next, add a slightly longer pendant or charm necklace to lend a little depth. Finally, finish with your statement piece.
  • 2How do You Put Together a Layered Necklace?

    Our tips for crafting your signature layered look? is a breeze with our insider tips. Pick a centre stage piece then curate a collection of necklaces in varied lengths that complement it. Embrace texture, shapes, and even mixing your metals.
  • 3How do I Keep My Necklace from Tangling While Layering?

    Make sure to mix up your lengths so they don’t intertwine with each other. Mixing up the weights will help with this also – if you have too many delicate necklaces of the same length you run the risk of them tangling. Another option is to pick necklaces in different materials, for example mixing chains with pearls or beads.
  • 4Can You Layer With Just Two Necklaces?

    Of course. Start with a short, delicate Missoma chain, then follow it with a longer pendant necklace. With this less-is-more approach, you can still stand out with your jewelry.