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How to Design Your Own Custom Engagement Ring

March 12, 202424 ViewsShesFeel

Getting engaged is a big milestone for a lot of couples and part of that is picking out a ring. It’s not uncommon to find that the picture in your mind of the “perfect” engagement ring isn’t lining up with the options you have available to you. That’s why many couples opt to design their own ring.

Whether you’re designing the ring as a surprise or you’re working together to create a beautiful symbol of your relationship, here is what you need to know about creating your own engagement ring.


Why Customize an Engagement Ring

From social media announcements to family get-togethers, part of getting engaged inevitably involves showing off the ring and you want to feel like it really represents who you are as a couple. Not to mention, she’ll have the ring for years to come, so making sure it fits her style and aesthetic will ensure she’s always excited to wear it.

Before you decide to design your own custom engagement ring, ask yourself the following questions:

Engagement Ring Customization Options

There are a few ways you can approach creating your own engagement ring. From sketching a completely unique ring from scratch to starting with a specific diamond shape or style, the right approach will depend on the final piece you have in mind. You also have the option to personalize the ring with an engraving of your choice. No matter which approach you choose to take, consulting with an experienced jeweler will ensure the process goes smoothly.

The Custom Engagement Ring Design Process

Engagement rings can come in all shapes and sizes. When you start the design process, you’ll have a few decisions to make regarding the band metal (white gold vs. platinum), stones (diamonds vs. colored gemstones), cut (princess vs. cushion) and detailing. An experienced jeweler like the professionals at ShesFeel can guide you through the process. Here’s an idea of what to expect:


Designing a custom engagement ring should start with an idea of what you want. Do you like vintage-inspired details or are you drawn to more of a clean, modern look? Take some time to do your research and save some photos of rings that incorporate trends you love. If you can, a rough sketch of what you have in mind can help communicate your vision.