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Turquoise: What You Should Know

May 16, 20249 ViewsShesFeel

In recent years green turquoise has become highly sought after for its rare color and matrix formations. Turquoise has long been considered a sacred stone used by indigenous peoples in the Americas to bless newborn babies, protect warriors in battle and connect people to the sky and rain gods.

Turquoise achieves its spectrum of colors, from sky blue to olive green, through a combination of copper, aluminum and phosphorus. The often-dramatic matrix and inclusions in genuine stones are a result of quartz, pyrite, sandstone and other “host materials” in the surrounding area where the stones are formed.

What’s the advantage of wearing turquoise

What are the colors of turquoise?

Is turquoise blue or green? Well, it can be both, actually! Blue and green are both unique turquoise colors. Among the many gemstone types, Turquoise is not a gemstone with more colors. Although the hue of the colors is different, if all are summarized, the turquoise has only four colors of blue, green, yellow and white.

Don’t be confused by the name of turquoise, think that turquoise must be green. In fact, the coloring elements of turquoise are iron and copper. The iron element gives a turquoise green color and the copper element gives a turquoise blue color. Therefore, turquoise mainly has blue, green, yellow and white. The color is different and its value is different.

Turquoise can be divided into three levels according to the color.