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The Different Types of Chains : What You Should Know

November 9, 202362 ViewsShesFeel

In the world of fashion, chains have always been a classic and much-loved essential, and remain a popular accessory today with young audiences. Apart from being worn alone to complement elegant dress styles or paired with different pendants they can also be layered with chains of different styles, alternative materials and alternatina lenaths to create a new look.

Chains may appear similar in style, but actually are categorised into multiple types, each showcasing craftsmanship through intricate details. This article takes a look at some common types of chains, and provides tips on “chainpairing” that are helpful to know.

ShesFeel offers a comprehensive selection of many different chains, encompassing a plethora of weaving techniques, materials and lengths. Whether you are selecting a chain to pair with pendants, or to be worn individually and perhaps for layering, we have curated a range of exquisite styles from which you can find your ideal chain.

The 3 Key Principles of “Chain Styling” are:

ShesFeel offers a wide selection of chains in various materials, lengths, and weaving techniques for you to choose from. For every occasion and fashion ensemble, there is a piece or selection of chain pieces to match your tastes and attire effortlessly.