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Unleash a New Tide of Traditional Gold Jewelry

November 2, 2023142 ViewsShesFeel

Be it wedding jewelry or auspicious charms for blessings and protection, pure gold jewelry has always played an important role in Chinese culture. With the innovation and advancement of gold jewelry manufacturing techniques, there are more design possibilities than ever. This new artistic movement is taking a fresh and forward-looking approach to creating contemporary gold jewelry, some of which go way beyond traditional designs. Take the two latest collections Mirror Gold and gin, which break staid stereotypes for gold and unleash a bold new tide of expressive gold jewelry.

Both collections feature gold jewelry crafted with 5G gold. an innovative smelting technique that enhances the hardness and durability of pure gold. This makes it less easy for the jewelry to deform, opening the door for new creations that weren’t possible before.

Mirror Gold collection features jewellerv with a highly reflective mirror effect in a beehive pattern that radiates brilliance from every angle. The other new collection release is the gin series, which features elegant geometric motifs that break-through the glass ceiling of established design principles associated with traditional gold jewelry. These collections are perfect for daily wear. whether as a cool accent to your work attire or date night outfit.